The Corrotaev are a abundant, vile species of creatures that are born from Dark Souls. Their body is gelatinous and made of corruption, they can consume organic material to convert into more corruption, or they can directly absorb other Corrotaev into their biomass to grow. There are six different types of Corrotaev, each categorized based off Chess Pieces.  

King Class

King Corrotaev are considerably the most dangerous Corrotaev, but the least social among themselves. The King Class has an active Dark Soul inside their biomass and can siphon mana from it, to cast spells.   Due to It's ability to use magic, and It's sheer power, they will typically be alone, as classes below It will typically avoid them out of fear.  

Queen Class

Queen Corrotaev are more neutral Corrotaev, as they serve as Spawners of Corrotaevs, by collecting corruption a Queen can birth more Pawns and Knights. It will spend elongated time with a group of lower classes, as if they were it's children. Once the Queen is dead, the children of it will consume it's corpse to grow.  

Rook Class

Rook Corrotaev are a unique class, as they retain certain aspects of their Humanity. Through immense connections to something or somebody, the Corrotaev will keep memories and emotions towards the certain connection. The Rook has an insatiable need to reconnect with whatever it's looking for.   Over time, the Rook will lose more of it's humanity and simply work as a brain-dead bodyguard for whomever, or whatever, it is protecting.  

Bishop Class

Bishop Corrotaev serve as collectors, when outside the Void the Bishop will try and collect souls from it's victims. However, instead of consuming it for extra biomass, it will contain them in special sacs, and bring them back into the Void to turn into Dark Souls, converting them into new Corrotaev

Knight Class

Knight Corrotaev are simply stronger, fighter versions of Pawns. They are larger and can develop various means to attack. They're more offensive and dangerous than pawns or bishops, and might even band together to take down larger targets.  

Pawn Class

Pawn Corrotaev are weaker, smaller Corrotaev. Though, a Pawn-born Corrotaev can consume other Corrotaev and grow into a different class, such as a bishop, knight, or even a Queen.

Basic Information


Corrotaev's bodies consist of gelatinous ooze called corruption, this allows them to shape themselves in various ways, and makes melee / non-impact damage less effective against them.

Genetics and Reproduction

When a Dark Soul is put into the Void, it's converted into corruption and the resulting biomass is turned into a Corrotaev.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Corrotaev's have 'sensory' sacs of a special liquid, which act similar to eyes and ears. If a Corrotaev's sensory sacs are popped or destroyed, it will become blind and try to repair them.

Conservation Status
The Corrotaev are born and contained within the Void, to avoid the destruction of other species rather than its own survival.


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