Alvion De Halenrus

Arch-Mage Alvion De Halenrus

He was one of the very few Beastfolk to ever enter the Mage's council, and achieve the rank of Archmage.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is lanky and upright. His physical health diminished ever since he got corrupted.

Body Features

He is covered in short silk yellow spotted fur, has large lopped ears.

Facial Features

He has a lean masculine face, with a small scruffy beard.

Physical quirks

His right eye is ruptured and has nasty scarring.

Special abilities

Due to corruption, he gained affinity for dark magic, although slight.

Apparel & Accessories

He dons a royal blue robe, with a lighter red tabard. He keeps it closed with a large lion-shaped belt, with a red ruby in its mouth. He covers his right eye with a customized ruby mask in the shape of his family seal.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


    At the age of 10, his mother left him in the outskirts of The Kingdom of Azrin while fleeing the country with a convoy of gypsies. She hoped he could find sanctuary in Azrin due to their laws against slavery.     Living in a small town in the outskirts, lost and feeling abandoned, Alvion dedicated himself to the arts of magic, and would train as much as he could with the materials he had. He would even steal books from the local library on magic, but would return them as he felt bad.   Eventually, nearing his teen years, he managed to enroll into a magic school inside the Kingdom, where he lived for 15 years. During this time he faced a lot of abuse and doubt by his Valian peers.  


    As an adult, he quickly became adept in Arcane magic, Alvion was ranked to Archmage, and joined the Mage's Council. Due to political relations, he met, and fell in love with the Princess of Azrin, Adelina. Due to his position, Adelina was permitted to decide him as her lover, which they got married 5 years after.   During their marriage, Adelina and Alvion adopted a young abandoned tigress Vasnaril named Lucy Javernia. Later on they decided Alvion needed to have a surrogate child, due to their inability to conceive one themselves. Alvion laid with a Priestess of the Krystaious Church and had Molly Halenrus.   Soon following the assassination of the king, Azrin fell into a war with Tekkerdon. Alvion was drafted to fight in the war, and fought for a couple of years. At the end of the War, during a night raid, Adelina died in the breach due to a ballista. Alvion attempted to resurrect his wife using black magic in a fit of emotional turmoil, which condemned his soul and caused his eye to rupture after the spell failed.  


Following his death at 84-years-old, due to his condemned Dark Soul, his death created the Corrotaev, Noivla.


Master of Arcane Magic


He was employed as the Archmage for the Mage's Guild of Azrin. Providing guidance and counseling for local affairs and even assisting the royalty of Azrin with more official matters, serving like a honorary royalty.   While Archmage, he was a part of the Mage's Council, and helped decide political movements and betterment for the College itself.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His largest achievement was his sharp rise to the ranks of Archmage, overcoming his own lackluster natural magical potency, and becoming even better than most Valian mages. With his position on the Council, and as Archmage, he helped Azrin with political relations with other kingdoms and guilds.   He served Azrin as a soldier in the Tekkerdon War, claiming many victories with his powerful spells. Although in a last stand, in a night raid, Tekkerdon assassins killed his wife.   After the war, he wrote and published many books about arcane magic and his discoveries in it.

Mental Trauma

Mother abandoned him at the age of 10, in an attempt to flee the kingdom. He deals with slight abandonment issues but overall overcomes them by spending time with his family.   Suffered from paranoia of the upcoming Tekkerdon War after learning about it in a premonition given to him by the Seers.

Intellectual Characteristics

Adept in Arcane Magics. Politician and charismatic.

Personality Characteristics


He prioritized learning magic, but once he started a family he was mostly family-focused.

Likes & Dislikes

He likes learning and practicing magic, he likes sweet fruits.   dislikes Beastfolk Slavery and Necromancy.

Vices & Personality flaws

His biggest flaw was his tendency to react emotionally, such as murdering multiple bandits for kidnapping his daughter, instead of allowing them to face trial.   He attempted to bring his wife back from death by using Black Magic, condemning his soul and hiding it for the last span of his life.


Family Ties

Adelina Halenrus (Wife) Lucy Halenrus (Adopted Daughter) Molly Halenrus (Surrogate Daughter)

Religious Views

Apart of the Church of Krystaious. Alvion is fairly religious and practices their rituals nearly daily.

Social Aptitude

Widely considered very charismatic, well mannered and respectful to those around him.

Circumstances of Death
Died at the age of 84 of heart failure.
Current Residence
Azrine's Castle Gardens
Biological Sex
Bright purple
Short unkempt ivory colored hair
Known Languages
Azirian, Lapinian


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