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Utopia Rising

10,200,000 CE

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Ten million years in the future, the Laniakea supercluster is plagued by war, wealth inequality, and existential abominations. Although even the poorer citizens of Laniakea usually live comfortable lives, Transhumans and AI dominate most galaxies and fight amongst each other in the hopes of maximising their resources. On top of this, external threats the likes of which are unknown constantly threaten Laniakea; nobody knows what the darkness of the void holds. Antimatter and Dyson Swarms fuel everything from starships, to space stations, to microscopic bombs. The largest nation, The Laniakea Imperial Technocracy, is experiencing a violent revolt, putting incalculable lives at risk. Laniakea hasn't experienced such turmoil in millions of years; as nations turn to war, will it finally be possible to manifest utopia or will the entire supercluster fall into ruin as it has done before?