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Untitled Collaboration Project

Somewhere, far from Earth, lies a gas giant around which four habitable moons orbit. It is here, dear reader, that the future of humanity lies.   These moons are unlike anywhere else in the universe, passing through a "haze" given off by their parent, causing all sorts of wonders both scientific and magical. Over time, man has determined how to harness and use this haze in not only themselves (especially those closest to it), but also how to collect and utilize its mysterious powers in the advancement of technology.   But how did man get there? Are they alone? What does this special haze really do? Why hasn't mankind left? How far from home are they? All these questions require answering...   So, come along, and help shape the past, present, and future of these worlds in Worldbuilding Magazine's newest collaborative worldbuilding project in which members of the Discord community will be asked to discuss possibilities that will then be voted upon to become this project's canon. Or, if you're more intrigued in what becomes of it, keep your eyes and ears pointed here for both articles and stories.

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