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Xenotite, more commonly known as "X-Metal" is a very rare and unpredictable solid the origins and properties of which have long been a mystery to science.   It has been surmised that x-metal is not in fact an element or compound of matter as we typically understand it, but rather a hole in the fabric of spacetime manifested in a solid state, literally a gap in reality that can be held in the hand.


Physical Characteristics

Xenotite is a hard, dark solid with a typically jagged and uneven surface. It has been know to randomly change colors and even surface details via an unknown process. It frequently displays an apparent iridescence although not a true iridescence as the colors show are not subject to outside light sources.


Xenotite is typically within close range of the room temperature of its surroundings though it may be a few degrees warmer or cooler. It will very quickly revert to this state if acted upon by outside temperatures. For example if it is exposed to the heat of a blowtorch it will return to near room temperature within a matter of a few moments.   Xenotite produces a low level of alpha rays but no half-life has ever been recorded. In fact no declarable decay has yet been detected. Moreover it has shown a great power to absorb radiation without gaining excess mass. X-metal is semi-mailable, being little harder than lead, but also resists breaking to a surprising degree. It is far more willing to bend than break.


X-metal defies all known means of analyzation. No chemical elements or atomic weight has been established.

Geology & Geography

Xenotite has been discovered in small veins and trace amounts around the world (and even in meteorites) and no universal common conditions have been uncovered. It appears to form independently of its surrounding conditions.

Origin & Source

The origin of xenotite is unknown. Though the process of its creation is assumed to be natural it is thought to be the product of unknown cosmic forces.

Life & Expiration

Xenotite appears to be simultaneously radioactive and stable. While its atomic structure is invisible to conventional measurements no deterioration has been measured assuming it to have a half-life far in excess of even bismuth-209 or having an infinite half-life.

History & Usage


Xenotite was first documented as a unique material by Baron Ernest Rutherford in 1900.

Industrial Use

Due to its unpredictable nature the uses of x-metal are limited. It has been experimented with as a source of low level radiation for scientific and industrial uses but is largely disregarded due to its scarcity compared to more mundane elements.   One unique use that has been found is as the key component in an electronic device known as an x-metal navigational junction. Due to xenotite's unique ability to manifest truly random as opposed to perceptually random behavior it can be integrated into the navigation systems of time travel devices allowing for minor inconstancies in the arrival destination. This allows the time travel event to circumvent the self-consistency effect and allow events of the past to be altered. As this is not generally considered a desired effect the component is most often not included.


X-metal emits low levels of alpha particles which can cause various symptoms and effects of radiation poisoning if ingested or inhaled.   It has also been noted as an element in the development of superhuman powers, almost always some variation of the PA-ARC Class and of various power level classes. This effect has only intentionally been reproduced successfully once as the exact process is unknown.


Law & Regulation

Due to its unpredictable effects and radioactivity xenotite tends to be considered a dangerous and controlled substance.

Xenotite is a rare material with only a few hundred pounds being accounted for on the entire earth.
Xenotite defaults as a dullish grey but with a shifting semi-transparent iridescent sheen.
Melting / Freezing Point
No laboratory testing has yet produced a condition sufficient to melt or soften xenotite's physical structure.
Common State

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