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United Nations of Antarktik

April 4th 418

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Towards the end of the Age of Exploration, some of the world's nations have successfully conquered the few habitable lands of Antarctica. They find its resources plentiful and its climate strangely equivalent to that of the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. It was only when they tried to exit did they realize the air and land here was made of magical components. The waters became bitter shards of ice, and the temperature dropped faster then their hearts. The competing nations of this extraordinary land found it best to stay within the invisible force field that kept them sheltered from the harsh, constant winters of the South Pole; and as they finally realize how fatally brutal the consequences of a singular battle could be, the leaders of each nation buried their hatchets and united as one. Those who were against the unification were welcomed to leave, but as the legend says: no one made it passed the 20-mile radius.   Beginning to rule their own kingdoms, the various nations distributed land and borders, and lived harmoniously however they saw fit. They were more understanding, less barbaric, and had a higher morale of rationality. They started to use words instead of guns, consensus instead of majority rule. And all their efforts had raised 13 prosperous nations from the magically blossoming ground. They became the proud United Nations of Antarktik (U.N.A.), only appearing as a tiny spec in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet on modern-day maps.   Although monarchies are looked down upon by society today, the U.N.A. found a way to make it fair, just, and the best possible option for political leadership. Their methods include bits and pieces of different leadership techniques the rest of the world uses today, including: democracy, communism, capitalism, and more.   Antarktik is dubbed as a myth or a legend to the rest of the world today, but if you really think about it: is it only a myth/legend because they are afraid of who we are and what we've manifested?

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