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Ryan Cordell

Ryan Cordell is a 39 year old government employee, working in the United Earth intelligence services team as a handler looking after one 'hunter', the protagonist, Jenna McLean.   Ryan works inside the inner sanctum of the United Earth bunker, in the Havana, Cuba, HQ.   As Jenna’s handler and only close friend, Ryan is often the only person she confides in, and with a shared trauma from the past, as they both escaped from New York during the exodous, they both lost people they loved.    Ryan only has a few goals in life, partly because he is somewhat in love with Jenna, even though he knows this will remain unrequited and he never intends to act upon it. Hi main motivation is to stay alive long enough to finally meet Jenna, since even though they have worked together for the past three years, they have never met - due to mission protocols.    Ryan is 5’ 10”, medium build, fast on his feet and has a nervous, hyper vigilant manner when in the field. He’s a survivor.  
Ryan's family were all killed during the Exodus. He wasn't married, and he has no idea what happened to his girlfriend, who he entirely lost when he was evacuated from New York. He was working in his government job outside of the city when the bomb fell on Wall Street.
Ryan has known Jenna for three years. He's been her handler for two and a half years and seen her through several near death scrapes with Chromos and Ferals, both on the mainland (Florida) and overseas in Eurpoe.
Ryan lives and works in the United Earth headquarters building, as they have an accomodation wing for employees that either want to live in, or for those working on live operations, so they may stay here temporarily. Ryan chooses to live in the HQ as for him there is no deliniation bwteen work and homelife.
Ryan is clever. He needs to be to do his job, but beyond just the acacemic intelligence he clearly demonstrates in his job, he is highly emotionally intelligent. He reads people well, and he understands through his intuition what people often really mean, even when they say something different. This is why Jenna likes him so much. He gets her, and he listens.
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