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Umbra Silvam

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It has been a few thousand years after the fall of the ancient race, they're colossal Titans still standing and powered even after the destruction of their creators. The humanoids have emerged from the Second Culling of The Perfect Cell, and have dominated the earth like their ancestors before them. Learning of the betrayal that their gods had limited their power, they began constructing a massive Pylon that reached into the heavens. The power of which was stored within the Pylon was immense, and when they activated it, the pylon was tampered by an unknown source and began to break down. In the final move of the titans, they protected their nations and attempted to deflect the majority of the energy the pylon produced, bringing themselves to ruin. A few hundreds years have passed since that day and the humanoids have regained some of their lost power over the world. Being constrained to the far corners of Umbra Silvam, they have brought rise to three great powers even in the midst of the Wildlands which constrains them all. To the West, the woodland tribe known as Skias Dasos which is inhabited by the Symkouv and their owl companions. In the East, the mountain fortresses of Gorna Krepost which hold the Rotyshka and their iron fist over the Half-Orcs. To the South, the Sol'uomu and their coastal monarchy of Pian Calda, where they fervently worship Solite and continue to investigate the Wildlands. The three major forces of the world are in a constant standstill with each other, keeping relations calm in order to protect their own. In light of the Wildlands which now cover the majority of Umbra Silvam, the people of each civilization needed a force of which could handle the overbearing deadliness which lies within. The kingdom of Pian Calda began this by introducing an elite task force of their own known as The Drifters. Their task was to assist others in getting across the dangerous landscape of the Wildlands, while also keeping to their own decisions and entering their for personal reasons. Most go in there to explore life beyond their own, some wish to discover the secret path of the ancient race, and others simply wish for adventure. Whatever their cause, The Drifters are made to exist in these harsh conditions and earn decent coin from doing so.