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Uses in Relation to Population

The Hedgala is a large animal used primarily by farmers and transporters, it is for their use that keeps the small industry of raising and training Hedgalas alive. It is rare for someone of a different career path to purchase a Hedgala, but they are more likely to use the animal for any heavy lifting and endurance tasks for a short while before having it be put down and the meat used to feed their family.   In more populated regions Hedgala's are rare and used mainly as a method of transportation. Carts, wagons, and satchels galore are attached to bring about more efficiency in moving goods. Since greed is easier to bring about where a business can thrive amongst some competition, treatment of Hedgala's get worse in these areas. On top of them not being at their best physicality, where a huge round frame and lots of fatty-muscle and large furry spikes should be seen, industrial Hedgala's are skinnier, weaker, and their spikes are shorter or fall off easier. Many large and medium settlements ban or implement heavy treatment laws as a way to protect the beasts.  

The Beast

Standing anywhere from four to ten feet tall, and weighing roughly 10,000 pounds, Hedgalas are no small creatures. They have rough undersides and are covered in large, ridged fur quills that act not only as a form of protection but also are sensors that help to detect sound and the presence of others. Hedgalas are most comfortable in warm plains and light forests. These beasts are rarely found in different climates because while they can adapt fast, they are often significantly weaker and smaller in these areas. Water is no huge issue, they can swim for a short period of time but prefer to wade through the water when possible. Their endurance is wonderful for an animal of their size, thanks to the abundance of fat and muscle in all regions of their bodies.

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