Help for Hire

The Empire is growing, and the Legion is helping with that growth. Troops are being pulled West from the Central Provinces in order to support expansion. The Central Provinces are relatively peaceful, farmers are able to tend their fields, merchants ply their trade and children able to play without fear.   What the Legion needs now is peacekeepers, town governors are now recruiting for bands of adventurers and mercenaries to maintain this. With Legionaries being pulled West in increasing numbers there are need for Auxilia to bridge the gap. This is where you will come in, in the dark corners of the Empire there are always places where things fester. Cave systems that feed from the under dark, old abandoned temples all need periodic checking as well as patrols in the deep dark forests.   You will start in the town of Jorvum, population 20,000 it is a relatively well off town in the VIIth Region under the LEGIO VII. The town is a market town and is well connected to other regions of the Empire and has been in relative peace for over 200 years. Recently several Centuries of Legionary troops have been sent West to assist in the Expansion of the empire. The town governor Pinarius Maximinus has sent out a decree for Auxilia to assist in maintaining the peace that people have become accustomed too, even now roving bands of Kobolds and other dungeon dwellers have started venturing out from the dark places of the world sensing a shift in power.   These groups of Auxilia will be tasked with clearing dungeons, keeping roads safe and generally providing a peacekeeping function. They will be paid handsomely for their time and ultimately the best will be invited to join the Legions. There is also a public relations component to all of this, those who have completed amazing deeds of heroism are invited to tell their tales to the Empire so that they may know that the Empire is safe.  

Key things for a group of adventurers to accomplish

  • Sign up to the Auxilia and assist in peace keeping
  • Take on contracts on an ad-hoc basis to clear caves, abandoned temples or other places.
  • Assist the towns with general trade caravan duties
  • Make your own trouble
  • Pick a direction and go


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