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You've arrived in Ulistan, the world of Growth where magic flows and monsters rome.   In a distant past, an event known as The Great Collide occured on Earth. The event spanned over several dimensions with Ulistan gaining the most major trasformations to life and technology. However, as a result of the collision, select people gained special abilities. These gifted people are known as Opulents.   With the already advanced technology Ulistan owned, scientists discovered dimension gates opening, releasing vicious monsters on the world. Opulents struggled with their abilities, and few could hold off the beasts, causing several nations to nearly go extinct. Over time, with the conduction of experiments on Opulents, researchers discovered their abilities can be inherited--among other things. This discovery caused action to be taken; arranged marriages took place to form the perfect offspring, and humans evolved over the years to withstand the immense power some powers brought upon families.   In response to the evolution and more Opulents appearing, an unknown man formed the Opulent Military, an independant operation to protect the world.

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