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Some Mirages have masqueraded as Poudias to come and go unseen through the many districts of U'Duasha.
Poudias "She walked with limbering grace, her double jointed legs seeming to fold then unfurl as she moved this form indistinguishable from the others of this species. The mail pouches were a disguise which gave her unlimited access to any of the districts of U’Duasha. [A Mirage, Sacajawea NPC]   Poudias are raised from birth to recognize patterns which gave them an uncanny ability to home in on a pattern sheet and follow routes even decades later after only travelling them once. Factions and businesses use them as a mail delivery service, a package or documents are placed in the carrying pouches then a patterned sheet is held up near the head of the Poudia and it remembers where it was last seen and starts off on its journey. Small patterned ‘flags’ hang from the majority of buildings with over several thousand being registered and remembered, for a Poudia never forgets.   Poudias are the automated mail and delivery service used in Iruvia and can travel within the Deathlands with relative ease. Some Mirages shapeshift to take on the appearance of Poudias because they have unlimited access to U’duasha and any district without being halted. Halting or stealing from the mail bags hung over their sides is considered a capital offence. Most houses have a flag which is registered and hangs outside of the estates, so to use the mail service and you can direct any mail based on the flag registered with the House of Khayat.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Iruvia and frequent the Deathlands on ancient trails long forgotten except the Poudia.
50-85 cycles
Conservation Status
Protected as a species by the Iruvian Royal family and four main houses of state. Designated breeders are tasked with the raising and care of them till they begin to bond with an older Poudia.

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