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The Wastelands of Tyrantum

The Growing Corruption


In Tyrantum, there are growing wastelands that are spreading through the lands. There isn't much known on why the corruption spreads but it seems that they come from certain cities. Those cities being Ulrith, Shaphis, Osheim, and Meim and ruled by the gods Bane, Shar, Myrkul, and Bhaal. One theory was that since these rulers were warring often, that the area is just scared by constant war. However, a recent discovery was that even in areas that were left alone, the corruption was still spreading.


In these corruption filled wastelands, life is extremely difficult most don't survive. Nothing seems to grow and only vile monsters roam the lands. Some Orc tribes have managed to make life livable by joining ranks with the ruling gods Bane, Shar, Myrkul, and Bhaal. Most others avoid the wastelands at all costs causing most trade to be done by sea. There are many rumors and stories about the monster's that come from the wastelands, some even say that Orcs are actually humanoids that have been touched by the corruption . People even say that this allows the Orcs to live off of the foods they find within the wastelands.


One of the popular stories surrounds the Fey Village ruins. Once being a very magical place and Fey creatures prospered. Bhaal needing wood to fuel their war machines devised a plan to remove the fey. Not much is known about what exactly the plan entailed but there was a thunderous crash heard over great distances and the villages were gone in an instant. The lands remained magical and became corrupted, leading to more vicious fey and ghosts that now haunt the lands. Some people even say that the fey now roam the jungles and swamps making deals with travelers, who are never seen again.


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