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What defines right and wrong? Who decides on what is black and white? Welcome to Tybirth, the world strived in technological advances and the struggle between man and magic, between the natural state of the world and the supernatural.   Chaos, the energy that is invisible to the naked eye and hidden inside living, dead, biological and non-biological materials and acts as a form of matter that can be manipulated. If skilled, the elves of the world are able to control this matter, take energy from fire to produce fire or water if necessary or a lycanthrope using the chaos from the moon to shapeshift the body while keeping the sorrowing host alive to bare every ounce of pain that is to shape from a man to a beast and a vampire, not just draining blood but chaos to keep themselves alive. For those who are not of supernatural origin, however, such as humans and dwarves, it strains the body and mind and even the souls of those pumping natural blood. Races of the world can harness the power of chaos if they break their soul and thus become vulnerable to the otherworldly chaos.   What is believed as fact in this world is Tybirth is a dimension that is parallel with another and thus dubbed the "Otherworld". However, only fewer know, from it birthed the entities that created Tybirth and so cults had been born, worshipping these entities that are near incomprehensible. These entities are neither good or evil, hero or villain and what justifies one's actions may not be justified for other parties.   So what defines right and wrong? Who decides on what is black and white? There isn't a definition. This world is so very grey.

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