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Twinsverse [tbd]

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Some fantasy requires a whole new world - and sometimes, fantasy is just what lies out of sight, beyond our star and the iron curtain pulled tight by hard-lined gods. Twins Life and Death, they regulate where celestial force meets Earth, monitoring the four nations' (Avalon, of light; Helike, of darkness; Aquarius, of water; and Darvaz, of fire) interactions with the humans to whom they owe their origins.   Though by design the different nations rely on untransformed humans to replenish their populations, they vary in how much they remain connected to Earth: the Queen of Aquarius and Helike's aristocracy often live there, joined by flocks of Avalon's angels; conversely, Darvaz spreads outward, exploring other planets and building an empire off of the other worlds Life has built.   One thing remains the same between our reality and their fantasy, however: though in transformation they shed portions of their souls, there is no questioning the laws set by Life and Death - at least, not until one Helike king.