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Twilight Crystal

The Twilight Crystal is a black crystal, usually in the form of a necklace, that grants protection from evil to the person wearing it. Nyx was last seen wearing the necklace when she was kidnapped by Daemon. He broke the crystal into six pieces and now they are scattered throughout the kingdom, making its powers useless. Currently, only two pieces are in her possession. The shard that she was able to save when Daemon broke it, and the shard Luna found in her mother's rose garden. The rest of the shards have yet to be found or are in the possession of Nyx.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The crystal was infused with the power of protection and has the ability to teleport the person wearing it to a safer place if they are in danger. Even a single shard has enough power to protect to user/wearer.


It is unknown who created the necklace. It was gifted to Nyx by her grandmother to protect her in case Daemon came back. It worked, for a while until Nyx took it off while she was sleeping. That's how Daemon was able to get to Nyx and kidnap her, bringing her to the demon realm and sealing away her endowment.


Because of its protective powers the crystal is considered to be very significant and would be terrible if it was lost or completely destroyed.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Current Holder
There are only one of these crystals known so far. Meaning it's practically irreplaceable. The necklace itself can be hard to find as it is locked away in a faraway location, underground, and in a chest. The necklace is invaluable and has to be gifted to someone by the current owner.
3 lbs
Raw materials & Components
The crystal is an onyx color. The crystal is placed in a silver prong, and attached to a chain to it can act as a necklace.

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