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Hollow grove

Hollow grove is the area with a majority of Nature High elves live, mainly Gold and Gray Elves as Silver elves are nomadic and began living in areas dominated by other species, mainly humans. It is also where the Elven royal family resides at their castle. Many people believe that dark and light elves can be found hidden deep in the forest of Hollow Grove.


Hollow Grove consists mostly of high elves, mainly Gold and Gray elves with silver elves in more isolated woodland areas, because of their nomadic nature they constantly move around and many silver elves end up living in the regions that are dominated by humans, such as the tropical territory, New Roseburg, the Nordic areas and Twilight.


Because Hollow Grove is where the Elven Royal Family resides, it is a monarchy ruled by King Glóredhel Agarvran and his wife Queen Arwena Agarvran. Since it's unlike a traditional town, there are no taxes and there are very few laws as Elves are more trusted to be good people money isn't a big issue in the hollow grove as many elves produce their own things and thus, have no need to pay for certain items.

Industry & Trade

As a settlement itself, Hollow Grove does not trade with other settlements, however, they slowly began to start trading after Vladimir become king. Other places mostly trade with them as they do not have the resources that are usually desired.


Many buildings consist of houses and other basic necessities for the elves. Because of their lifestyle, which consists is living in nature, there are not as many buildings as there would be in other towns, villages, and cities.


  • Royal District: Where the main elven royal family lives. This includes the King and Queen and their 12 children
  • Gold District: Where the Gold Elves reside
  • Gray District: Where the gray elves reside, home of Elfryda, who was sent to Twilight Academy in order to soften her radical views of Gray Elves being superior to any other race or species.
  • The forest: Where the nomadic silver elves often live, although many have decided to make their homes in Tropical Territory, New Roseburg, and Twilight City(where Twilight Academy is located)
  • Sky Region: Where the mysterious wind elves live. Because they are physically weaker they have difficulty surviving outside their home in the sky region and prefer to stay there. This has caused some confusion, as Wind Elves are rarer than winter elves and since they usually never leave their home in the sky, many people have come to the conclusion they don't exist and are mythical like the light and dark elves. Some believe that they are extinct instead, however, the theory that they are mythical is more popular as there are very few documented cases and evidence about these elves. So far, only one person who isn't a wind elf has visited the city and seen the elves. That person is Retter, who traveled to the city in search of an artifact 
  • Ocean City: Where water and Aquatic elves live, underwater is a city similar to Atlantis where the Aquatic Elves reside. Man.y people that it is THE Atlantis from the stories.
  • Forest: Where Earth(harvest, animals, vegetation), wood, and wild elves live. The earth elves live closer to the main Royal District while wild and wood elves live deeper into the forest and isolate themselves from other elves.
  • Snowy mountains: Where winter and Ice elves live, though many also live in the Nordic areas which are similar to the snowy mountains in terms of the environment. Many of these elves are usually hybrid elves, which are rare, the full ones usually move back home as they have difficulty getting used to the modern environment. 

Guilds and Factions

Every Elven race in Hollow Grove has its own small guild. They gather at the Royal castle once a year to discuss topics and how to improve their community. It's never peaceful, however, due to the ego of the Gold and Gray elves.

Points of interest

The Castle where the Elven Royal family lives is a huge point of interest and a possible tourist attraction due to its size and beauty. The snowy mountains are a more popular area that is discussed with others. Mainly because there is an abandoned mansion that has been a subject of mystery for many people. Theories say that Yetis may live there and others believe that it's the secret home of Ludwig Von Elden that he moved into after his abdication and Retter's coronation.


The last time Humans visited Hollow Grove was in 1688 when King Henrik Von Elden invaded the snowy mountains and took one of the snow Elves, Lusserina as a prisoner and married her. That was the known time humans have ever stepped foot in Hollow Grove. Many say Ludwig and his daughters ended up visiting to learn more about their heritage and Retter has ended up there a few times. Other than that, Humans and other species don't really go to Hollow Grove, so tourists are uncommon. In 2019 when the gray elves attempted to take over Vladimir and a few others ended up in Hollow Grove, mainly for political reasons. Other than that, Tourism is basically nonexistent, despite all the potential tourist attractions, such as the many castles


Aside from the snowy mountains, Hollow Grove is full of nature, with lots of grassy land with tons of trees, hills, and mountains located everywhere and there are quite a bit of lakes and rivers.


Depending on the area, hollow grove usually has perfect weather. Snowy mountains are an exception, as the name suggests, it is always cold and snowy and blizzards are a common occurrence and the snow can pile up and make it impossible to travel on foot.

Natural Resources

There are tons of natural resources as hollow groves consist mostly of woodland. So trees and plants are available all around. It is mostly used by nature elves.
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Elven City
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