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Arctic Tribe

The Arctic Tribe is a group of people who live in regions between The ice Kingdom and Tropical territory who share very similar cultural traits to Native Americans. They are best known for their unique ability to manipulate ice and water. Many People are also Mermaids, making them fast and talented swimmers. They are known as the fastest swimmers known, which is partly why Katrina can't accept the fact that Ronnie is faster at her in swimming. Names are chosen based on nature and other surroundings, many people have names related to certain elements of nature such as snow, ice and water.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Katrina, Krystal, Iclyn, Ivy, Holly, Bianca, Astrid, Natalia, Atiqtalik, Tapeesa, Avonlea, Maya, Talia, Zarya, Tallulah, Mayim, Mira, Marina, Delta, Aqakuktuq, Arnaaluk, Arnakuagsak, Iqaluk, Nauja, Ookpik, Tootega, Idoya, Sky, Aqua, Cascade, Kendra, Kisima, Laguna, Misty, Nerida, Serena, Sereia, Naia, Merumarlria, Ahna, Alaise, Amka, Availuk, Jissika(Jessica), Kaya, Liuna, Malina, Meriwa, Nuliajuk, Pinga, Sakari, Sedna, Suluk, Suusan(Form of Susanne)

Masculine names

jack, Cole, Coldin, Whittaker, Mikkel, Mikhail, Nicholas, Caldwell, Nootaikok, Calder, Kai, Malik, Kano, Caspian, Aalto, Nanook, Siku, Wolfe, Amaqjuaq, Hanta, Igaluk, Katjuk, Panuk, Sila, Sugusik, Tsarlis, Ujarak, Juatan(Form of Jorden) Anik, Innik, Alon, Clyde, Devere, Eaton, Rafferty, River, Rio, Tiberius, Eldoris, Mar, Murdoch, Jarek, Nakoa, Ari, Astor, Pilip(Philip), Fiske, Ivar, Raulin, Somerled,

Unisex names

Dakota, Aput, Nanouk, Uukkarnit, Aqillutaq, Atiqtalaaq, Imiq, Kanguq, Kanut, Kuak, Natsiq, Qannik, Ukiuk, Pesi, Edzard, Sesi, Suagutak, Tagiuk, Taktuq,

Family names

Frost, Mendoza, Winterbottom, Morozov, Fox, Madden, Fleet, Snow, Timberlake, Forester, Lightfoot, Wynter, White, Snowden, Stormblade,


Major language groups and dialects

English, Russian, Nordic Languages like Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, and their own language that they call: Arctic Tongue

Average technological level

The Artic is very outdated when it comes to technology, although it is mostly a choice. Some will however use essential technology such as phones, heaters, cooking appliances, cameras, and more. Younger people will use more advanced technology

Common Etiquette rules

The first names of Elder members of the tribe are not used. It is considered disrespectful to say the first name of people older than you. Newcomers are also given nicknames, which is why Katrina calls Luna and Ronnie by various nicknames that are English or Arctic Tongue

Common Dress code

because of the cold Climate, Artic Tribesmen will wear warm clothing with fur on them made from animal skin. Common colors are blue, brown, and white.

Art & Architecture

Due to modern Architecture, Many tribesmen live in log cabins that are usually 1 story and have at least 2 bedrooms. As for Art, it is an important part of the Arctic culture. Shoes and clothing are an example, as well as knives and other weapons made out of bones and Ivory

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Unlike in most modern settings, where a woman gives birth in a hospital, in the Arctic Tribe, a woman usually gives birth in their own homes and is accompanied by a midwife and other women from the tribe.

Coming of Age Rites

at the age of 14, many children undergo a rite of passage that involves challenging situations such as hunting alone, catching their first animal by themselves, and more.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Cemeteries are a foreign concept. Oftentimes, when someone dies, the body is cleaned up, then covered in a blanket, and buried. When a person is buried that burial site will be used to plant crops as the tribesmen believed that more crops will grow.

Common Taboos

  • Pregnant women could not eat raw foods. 
  • Hunting must be done quickly 
  • Do not disrespect nature 

Common Myths and Legends

The people of the Arctic Tribe believe that their ancestors are in the sky. They also believe in the mermaid goddess of sea creatures. Dreams are very important to the Arctic Tribe. Dreams are believed to be signs and predict the future.


Beauty Ideals

  • Dark hair
  • Light eyes
  • Tan

Gender Ideals

The men are traditionally hunters and fishermen, and the women take care of the children, clean the home, sew, process food, and cook. However, there are numerous women who hunted, out of necessity or as a personal choice.

Courtship Ideals

Instead of engagement rings, the Artic Tribesmen make necklaces carved from stone and fastened to a choker to propose to a woman.

Relationship Ideals

The marital customs are not strictly monogamous: many relationships are implicitly or explicitly sexual. Open marriages, polygamy, divorce, and remarriage are known.

Major organizations

It's not called a Tribe for no reason. They have a tribal chief and politics that are much different than a majority of locations in the kingdom.
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