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2743 A.E.

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Tsadun is a world of magnificent beauty, and terrible secrets. It is populated by a wide variety of lands and beings struggling to find their place in it. The nation of Saldor is a rising power, and a center of discovery, education, technological advancement, and military prowess.   The last several hundred years has seen the nation rise in power dramatically, spurring on expansionist movements into the neighboring lands populated by peoples that resisted the incursions by Saldor. A great war broke out that lasted nearly a century, and it has ended less than a decade ago. A new Golden Age of prosperity and rebuilding has begun, and tensions of old have largely been put to rest.   Yet, something changed with the end of the War. A change - intangible to most - could be felt by a precious few. A force of entropy has stirred, one that was always there, but slumbering in the darkness. Tsadun has always contained a deep layer of the unknown and unfathomable. The stuff of legend has become reality: the corruppting and entropic forces of the Anathema seek to enter physical world, and the caretakers of that world rise to defend it from assault. The sentient races of the world will not be able to stand on the sidelines for long. The Anathema is coming, and Tsadun may be powerless to stop it.