27th Niren, 592 Era Dominis

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A new sun dawns on the empires of man all around Trymis. May you know that change is coming. Fast change. Sudden change. Can you hold your ground as all you thought you knew crumbles around you? We have all been deceived. The king of lies rules all. Can we be sure our bloody hands shan't turn to our neighbour? Our daggers not to the backs of our friends? A mother's embrace becoming a suffocating struggle for life? Help will not come from elsewhere. We can pray to the forgotten gods but they do not hear us. It must be us, mere men to rise to this task. There are no prophecies to follow. We are alone. Yet I feel that in time all will be good. Some of us will ascend. Some of us will be our saviours. Their sacrifices will be great, but the reward even more so. Are you one of them? One of the brave?