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Eons ago, Murrthir created the world of Triumve, along with the various plants and animals that first populated it, which she maintained in an ever-changing paradise before time and isolation began to takes its toll. At first, she changed some of the animals, moulding them into more intelligent forms to give herself company, starting with the Saurtara, then the Yuenjin and ending with the Maulans, but none of them would suffice.   She then tried to create new companions of her own, starting with the Alfurs, then the Karsyli and finally the Humans, but even then each failed to quell these feelings, but in the attempts she became fascinated by the way these mortals raised their young and so she endeavoured to do likewise.   This marked the first time that she had changed herself, not just in creating a true physical form with which she was able to give birth her two daughters - Lakia and Vrida – but that Murrthir chose to emulate the mortals she had created again in birthing and raising her children rather than creating them fully formed. As the twins grew, she gradually fed more and more of her power into them until the three each held a third of Murrthir's original power.   At first, things went well and Murrthir finally had the companionship that she had wanted, but she had not foreseen that both of her daughters would become so different not only to her but to each other. Gradually, the differences of opinion and arguments started to escalate until the two daughters came to blows, with Murrthir caught between, unable to take a side or to stop them.   Eventually, the two of them began to widen their conflict by fighting through proxies, often altering the various races of Triumve to better suite their needs. They even chose to have offspring of their own, sometimes by themselves or with mortals, but unlike their mother they gifted their children with only a slither of their own power - not enough to make them equals.   The war between the twins, their children and their followers continued to escalate until magic itself began to unravel, aided by the then unseen hand of Absylus, creating freak natural events that Murrthir was unable to avert by herself. It took the deaths of swathes of their own followers - and even a few of their children - for the Twins to fully realise the danger and so they gathered their remaining followers, imbuing their land with protective magic before helping their mother oppose the Deep One and avert complete disaster.   Together, the three of them managed to restore balance, but not before much of the land had been broken, sunken or outright destroyed. The land that the Twins protected remained though, with Vrida having thrown hers into the sky while Lakia made hers float, each having imbued their own primordial magic into the islands to protect them and in the process creating the magical crystalline materials known as Vridium and Lakium, respectively. Murrthir had also managed to save many of the rest by gathering as many people as she could atop Triumve's highest mountain range and raising it further still, but all told the world's population had been reduced to a fraction of what it once was.   To avoid a repeat of the disaster, the twins reluctantly agreed to a truce of sorts where the two were forbidden to fight one another directly so as to aid their mother in holding the Deep One at bay. This, combined with their followers' physical separation has resulted in the two factions only occasionally coming to blows, although on a few of those occasions the fighting has all but engulfed the whole of Triumve.   For the most part, the world has been a settled place as far as the Goddesses and their children are concerned, however even without the twins' influences the races of Triumve have proven both capable of and willing to find conflict with one another - especially the saurtara and alfurs, who have forged more empires between them than all the other races combined, often at the expense of the other races and in particular humans.   In the past half a millenia it is the rise of the first human empire that has heralded the greatest upheaval yet with their creation and proliferation of magic-fuelled technology called machin that, amongst other things, has made travel to and from the Seaborne and Skyborne Islands much quicker, less dangerous and far more accessible while also fuelling their own rapidly growing empire. This very technology is primarily fuelled by the so-called 'island stones', Lakium and Vridium, making them an even more valuable resource despite the dangers inherent in mining them, as they are what keep their respective islands afloat.   By modern times the Savian Empire is by far the most dominant force in Triumve, controlling almost half of Sanctuary – the islands Murrthir created from the highest mountain range on Triumve – and increasingly expanding into the Seabourne and Skybourne Isles with their progress stalled nearer their homeland. At the spearhead of this expansion is Sukaisa, more commonly known as the Invading Island, which was once simply one of many Skybourne Isles but is now not only the central hub of Savian manufacturing of machin but has been tirned into the largest airship in all Triumve.