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Zjòrrmnóstà is a large orcish nation on Draconia, located south of Alarah across the Great Wing Sea. Under the leadership of its priesthood, the Taârrak'rynta or "War-Priests," Zjòrrmnóstà joined The Solstice Pact early in the war. A starfaring culture, they had long felt the press of the Avalonian Imperial Navy, and the escalating hostilities only made it worse. They, however, had a large fleet, and a period of mandatory service in their military for every boy who had undergone a Zabbak'Tarr. When the First Interstellar War (IW1) broke out, they were one of the first Fomorian Powers to declare war, and join The Solstice Pact, after the Quadrangle.   Attrition was high for the Zjòrrmnóstà, who were obliged to fight on two fronts (the Caer'Thunian System and the Telasian System.) They were especially hard hit by the terms of the Treaty of Solstice, which ended the war. The loss of their spacefaring fleet completely changed their culture, and reduced them to severe financial hardships.   Such hardship brewed social unrest. At the eve of the Second Interstellar War (IW2), Zjòrrmnóstà is on the verge of rebellion and civil war. It is unclear if they will get involved in the conflict, or if the problems facing their own nation will keep them out of it.  
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ᚻᚢᛒ ᛄᛖᛨ ᚹᚨ ᛟᚵ ᚻᚢᛒ ᛙᚪᛋᛏᚪ Llûb ógh wa jzérr llûb mnóstà "As Straight and True as a Spear"

Geopolitical, Theocracy

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