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Jelly Monster

The goblin "Galaretowaty Potwór" or Jelly Monster is a creature that lives in places of filth and offal, such as sewers and male goblin lairs. In the Empire, crafty goblins have learned to exploit the creatures to clean sewers in the vast Fomorian cities by goading them with a combination of electrical prods and leading them with lamps.

Basic Information


The Giant Jelly Monster is a form of cellular, meaning social, slime mold. Made up of a mass of amoebae, they form into cube shaped gelatinous masses that slowly (for humanoids, downright speedy for amoebae) makes its way towards the light "eating" all sorts of organic material and growing in size. Starting out as a mass about 5 mm (1/5th of an inch) across and move at a rate of about 5 cm (2 in) per second (in game terms a speed of 1). However, the slime mold quickly consumes any organic matter it comes in contact with and expands in size proportionately. A kg of organic matter converts into about a kg of slime mold, until the creature is about 3 meters across (10 ft), and weighs about 500 kg (1100 lb). and moves at a rate of 50 cm per second (3 m (10 ft) per round).

Genetics and Reproduction

It the mass exceeds 500 kg, the creature will "bud" into two equal 250kg masses and continue moving towards any light source it can detect. If it reaches a source of bright light, like sunlight, it stops moving and forms a visible irridecsent crust of spores as the mass begins converting itself to spores and blowing away on the air currents. The spores themselves are "harmless" in that they can't kill you (unless you suffocated on them) but are a very powerful psylocyben (hallucinagenic/euphoric).

Growth Rate & Stages

The spores attach to creatures and clothing that takes them into dark, dank places where they can propegate through mitosis feeding on whatever organic material is in contact with them (wreaking havoc on goblin clothes, especially if they don't wash them). When they reach 5 mm across, they start their journey towards the nearest source of life they can detect. It there is no source of light within 30 m, they will begin moving in a random direction, not changing until outside stimuli demand it. Each gram of organic material that it "consumes" converts into a gram of mass. The creature is actually remarkably light in weight and a 3 m specimen weighs only 500 kg. When it reaches a source of light as strong as the sun, the creature stops moving, and begins converting into a mass of spores to be blown on the wind for propigation and start the cycle again.

Ecology and Habitats

Ideally, the creature thrives in dark, damp places with lots of organic material it can feed on. Places like sewers, dungeons and goblin warrens, make optimal homes for Jelly Monsters.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Goblin Sanitation Engineers have been using Galaretowaty Potwór to clean sewers and warrens since they began living in warrens.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Pretty much anywhere in the Empire that has sewers and dungeons has Jelly Monsters.

Average Intelligence

Giant Jelly Monsters appear to possess no level of intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Jelly monsters can percieve light as small as a candle up to 30 m (100 ft) away and recoil from electric shocks, but aside from that, seem to have no sensory capabilites whatsoever.
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Scientific Name
Mycetozoa Dictyostelia Gigantus
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
What makes the creature so dangerous is that it is transparent, and exists in areas of low light. It gives off almost no heat and infra-red radiation so darkvision is of little use.
Geographic Distribution


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