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My story spans multiple dimensions, Tourmaline is one of them. It is made up of a world roughly the same size as Earth. Its year is 13 months long, with 28 days in each month. This world has two moons, one of which would be considered 'normal', which follows the 28 day monthly cycle exactly. The other moon is lumpy and misshapen and has an irregular cycle. The calendar months all have the same names as usual, except the 13th month which is named 'The Trinity' after a trio of goddesses.   The world has 13 well known gods and goddesses, as well as a strange trio known as 'The Trinity', whom nobody seems to know anything about. The world is filled with humans, dwarves, and all sorts of elves and other magical creatures. There are also darker creatures that lurk beneath the surface, and sometimes come out to wreak havoc upon the civilizations above.   The world is filled with magic and alchemy, as well as technology and science. The level of proficiency with both is highly variable between nations, with The Clockwork Empire leading in technology and the nations of Icewall and The Sylvan Empire competing for magical supremacy. Trade and sharing of knowledge is common except for The Clockwork Empire, who keep their mastery of technology a secret.