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Describe a common form of currency in your world. Who issues it and what is its value?  

Basic Info

The most common form and widely accepted form of currency on the continent of Arlen is the Drellin. A coin originally minted in Teran, and spread across the continent with the fledgling human nation's drastic rise in influence.  


The Drellin is broken up into a copper (the Shi Drellin), a silver (the Ru Drellin), and a gold (referred to only as "Drellin") coin. Twenty Shi Drellin make up a single Ru Drellin, and seven Ru Drillin make up a single Drellin. Though almost everyone will make and spend coin in Drellins in their lifetime, very few common folk will ever see an authentic gold Drellin in their everyday life. It was first minted as a coin some time after the Great War ended and the world recovered in the new Modern Era. 


The Drellin coin system was first minted some time after the Great War that ended the Old Age and nearly destroyed thd world, bringing about the Modern Era after the people recovered and rebuilt from the ashes.
The system was created by a former admiral in the Arvander Imperial Navy, Reth Drella. The Arvander Empire was the main force responsible for the Great War and was all but utterly destroyed with its conclusion. Reth was apalled by the varied and unstandardized currency forms created in the wake of the Great War
Quite often towns within a dozen miles of each other would use completely different and implied currencies, severely hampering effective trade even between settlements within the same lord's domain. Reth put together the Drellin system but lacked sufficient influence to effectively standardize it. However, years after his passing, his son Teran Drella would unify the scattered and broken human people into its own nation of Teran. 
In the centuries following the Teran monarchs would aggressively expand their political and geographical borders significantly until they were the most influential nation on Arlen. This expansion saw the Drellin become the main currency form used in trade between different nations. However other nations, such as the elven nation of Éilaria, would mainly use their own currencies for transactions within the confines of their own borders.
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