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Tor Lindon

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Editorial Team

Welcome to Tor Lindon   Tor Lindon began a mind-game questioning how magic and the existence of actual non-human sentient races truly impact the development of human society given our experiences as a species.   While Tor Lindon is my creation, I've found considerable inspiration from four key sources.   1. The Lord of the Rings. I mean, who hasn't. Really. There are a great many aspects of Tolkein's work that I truly appreciate, especially in the area of myth building and the grand scope of his vision. But perhaps also in the view that heroes stand tallest when things are darkest, although perhaps that is more a shared philosophy with Tolkein himself than necessarily with his work.   2. History. Even as I would be the first to say not to 'dwell there', we are all shaped by history, even if some are more oblivious to the influences than others. References to actual history are a great way to make the world more relateable without having to completely reinvent.   3. The Dark Sun Campaign Setting. The introduction of the Dark Sun setting introduced concepts and mechanics that helped define Tor Lindon very early, and though the mechanics have changed its influence lingers on. Who wasn't 'Wow'ed' by the the idea of a Dragon King? Who didn't wonder what catastrophe caused the desolation of Athas? The savagery and struggle to survive? Yeah. It's an influence.   4. Players. Players may be fourth on this list, but they are not the least. Player interaction with the setting and input have been integral to development and have pushed the need for further ideas and concepts. And they very much still do.     Welcome to Tor Lindon!