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Titans of Sephiro


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Millennia ago, the world was ruled by an unbelievably large empire, the Kabbalah. The world was peaceful and full of scientific development; now reduced to ash, vanished under the depths of what is now thought to be an endless ocean. Life continues forwards on continent sized fossils of once living beings, called Titans. Life is peaceful for their inhabitants once more, until, from the long thought abandoned titan Taumer, a relentless force of lifeless, soulless machines attack, spreading a corruption amongst the land. The country of Keteir has enacted an initiative to fight off their invasion of their titan. Deep in the factories of Taumer are a new type of machine, the Face units, piloted by a humanoid commander... the machines require people.     This world is based on the Xeno metaseries, encompassing Xenogears, Xenosaga, and the three Xenoblade games. Much, if not all of the races, terminology, and ideas come from the Xeno metaseries. I did not come up with a significant portion of the names, but all of the lore is mine, though it does draw liberally from these games.

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