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Tiny Crimes Big Heist

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Don Confetti, Head of the Pixie mafia and ruler of the underbelly of the city of Nova, Has sent a letter to the best in the business. He’s got a job that might just yield the biggest score this town has ever seen. Who better to pull off this huge heist than a group of the smartest, sneakiest, and smallest in the business. It’s time to show the city of Nova what this tiny team of thieves can do. This adventure can only be played by small sized races, preferably of the Neutral or Evil spectrum. it will hopefully be well rounded in terms of stealth, combat, and role playing. However it will be less emphasized on combat. Players should start at level 5 and just for creative fun, allowed one uncommon magic item at your DM's Discretion   Designed for a 2-3 sessions, but could of course be extended if people are into it. (your players will be overly decked out in gear by the end of it)

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