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Titan Iron

An exceptionally durable metal with pseudo-magical properties that make it ideal for holding enchantments. Many items from before the Age of Darkness were forged of Titan Iron, especially those of giant craftsmanship. In the modern age, the supply of ore is very low, and the last known deposits are effectively inaccessible in the giant-infested hills of the Silent Wastes.


Material Characteristics

Gray-blue in color, nearly indestructible, and unyielding at normal temperatures.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Its low malleability in its solid state and its absurdly high melting point make it exceptionally difficult to work with, and specially-made magical forges are typically required to shape it. Any item made from it, however, can be enchanted at any point, even years after the forging process is complete, and it will hold that enchantment better than steel enchanted under the traditional process.

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