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Magically Abled

Transmission & Vectors

No one is sure what causes a person to have magical abilities. Some think it is exposure to the surface. Some think it is a precursor to sun sickness. What is known for sure is that more people who are magically able live in the Borderlands or the Wastes. Whether this is survivor's bias due to the extreme anti-magic sentiment of the Piromese is up for debate.


The magical abilities depend on the person. Some abilities are simple like enhanced strength, endurance, or memory. Some are more advanced like shapeshifting, teleportation, telekinetics, or telepathy. Others still are oddly specific, for example, whenever the person finds a t-intersection in a building and they turn left, they always find an open exit door. The strength of the magical ability can be almost undetectable (ex: they're super strong but everyone assumes it's because they like to exercise) to epic proportions (ex: they can fly super fast through levitation or they can find anyone in the world no matter where they are).


"Mourn the poor soul who gains magic in Piromere." --Numab saying
  There is currently no treatment to "cure" a magically able person to be non-magical. However, children with magical abilities tend to grow out of them over time.    In Piromere, religious leaders will try to drill magic out through religious rites, prayer to excise Chog's influence, or severe meditations.  Resistance of such treatment or encouragement of magical abilities is considered evil for allowing a perversion of order and reason.   The Numab see it more as a disability the person has to cope with. Tribes will work with the individual to find ways to dampen their abilities or use them to help the tribe without becoming dependent upon them. This is because magical abilities are considered fickle and unstable. Thus if the tribe began to rely on the abilities to survive, it leaves the tribe vulnerable when the ability stops working.

Affected Groups

The truth is anyone can be magical and many are unknowingly magical. This is because magic in this world is based on belief. Little kids are more likely to believe things that have no basis in reality, and so are more likely to manifest these beliefs into reality. The effect size of the ability is partially determined by how many other people besides the magical individual believes in the abilities and in part how much exposure they've had to Chog's soul.


It has historically been a rare occurrence with only a few individuals each generation showing magical abilities. However, it is becoming more and more commonplace. No one is quite sure what is causing this uptick in magical abilities. It has many in Piromere on edge, feeling like Chog is rising again. The Numab are not as worried, but they are concerned with the general rise of unpredictability in the environments they occupy.

Cultural Reception

"Magic subverts the laws of the universe. It subverts rational society. It is a cancer from that fiend of chaos, Chog, and must be cut out if we are to survive." --Speaker of the Disciples of Gao
  Anything magical is associated with Chog and chaos. In Piromere, this equivalence is perceived as evil and against the rational reality of the universe. For the Numab, this equivalence leads to wariness because of Chog's penchant for mischief and pranks. Since Chog is by their very nature fickle and unpredictable, so too would be the magic underlying the abilities. Because of this, Numab believe magical abilities are likely to backfire spectacularly at the most inopportune times. Thus for both regions of the world, magic has negative connotations, but the underlying reason differs.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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