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Material Characteristics

Thrivium looks like a normal gemstone, but it's closer to a diamond. The most common color of Thrivium is green, but there's also red, pink, blue, and white thrivium, being white thrivium the purest and rarest of them all.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The material looks and feels like a normal gemstone to a normal person, but special individuals can sense energy come from it. This enery can be used for many things, ranging from machinery to spitiruality


Not a lot of things use Thrivium, but those that do are: Powder of Life: This is a powder made from sugar and white thrivium. Used as a drug for religious intents and, while frowned upon, for recreational use. Thrivium Steel: A material made out of steel and green thrivium. It's used to make machines faster, but it's less durable than common steel. Anti-Bug: A powder that can kill any bug, and some small animals. It's made by mixing water and red thrivium. Used as a pesticide. Blue Soup: A soup made of blue things that can cure a lot of diseases. It's made by mixing water, blue mushroom, blue thrivium, and 2 to 5 potatoes, though sometimes carrots are used. Writer's Dust: A spice made from pink thrivium and human tears. Commonly produced on Erli Arma, and only produced by Erli Arma corporations. Helps people to relax.

Geology & Geography

Thrivium is commonly found close to where copper deposits appear.

Origin & Source

The different thrivium types can be found in different ores. Native Thrivium contains white thrivium Thrivite has a red, green and pink variety, containing those Thrivium types Thrive Gem is the source of blue thrivium

Life & Expiration

Normal thrivium can contain energy for 1000 years before starting to deteriorate, at that point thrivium starts to convert onto colored glass. This conversion last for 10 months, and at most lasts about a year

Red, White, Green, Pink or Blue

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