One of the many languages of the Valley, Shecha has become something of a trade tongue in its area and beyond, and is more widely spoken than any others as a result. The area where it's spoken as a primary language is called Shecha-eni.


Shecha is written with a full alphabet - each consonant and vowel has its own symbol. There are two writing systems in use on the plane, and Shecha uses a slightly modified version of the most common.

Geographical Distribution

Shecha-eni is the main area where Shecha is spoken, representing an amorphous blob vaguely in the center of the plane.


Word ordering is Subject-Object-Verb. Adjectives prefix nouns, and are rarely said as their own word.


List:   Adri: dialectual version of 'Andri'   Aishli: a type of tree bearing small fruits   Andri: name, from archaic word for 'river'   Anri: river   Arshall: the firmament   Ateshai: silver   Biuolmi: a part-cat, part-human Beastfolk   Chioki: a type of brightly colored flower, valued as a tea   Chella: dog   Danni: rabbit   Diladi: a type of bird   Eshioshi: field mouse, affectionate name for a child   Eshri: stream   Eleril: a kind of medicinal plant, good for relaxing the muscles   Haldori: rainbow   Harnu: language   Hunshioi: derogatory term for beastfolk   Ioshi: mouse   Iyurei: blue   Ireniera: goat-like Beastfolk   Lihli: tattoo   Loshra: city   Lona: Hello   Ne: No (sharp) (answer)   Nia: no, zero (quantity)   Niarishe: no problem (response to "thank you")   Nidla: friend   Nlene: no (elaborate) (answer)   Ohea: great, big, mighty   Oheanri: great river; the specific river that flows through the Oheanri Valley   Oheanri Takae: the people of the great river   Ri: water   Renia: a kind of medicinal plant, good for treating bee stings and wasp bites   Runla: dawn   Shairnoachesh: the Void Without   Shea: that (conjuction)   Shecha: the name of the language   Shrai: harsh   Taka: people   Tilune: the sun   Ur: if
Common Phrases
Lona: Hello   Niarishe: no problem (response to 'thank you')
Common Unisex Names
Adri - dialectual of Andri   Andri - from the archaic word for 'river'   Haldori - means 'rainbow'

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