The surface of Amsed is airless, arid, and blighted. All of the inhabitants live below ground or in enormous oceans beneath ice caps. The surface can only be accessed through teleportation or a few gated airlocks. A handful of adventurous souls have built magical arcologies on the surface.


The surface is rocky, mountainous, and completely devoid of air or liquid water. There are ancient ruins dating back to when the planet had an atmosphere, long before any records existed.   The depths contain enormous caverns and extensive complexes of caves, along with titanic underground oceans and rivers, allowing life to thrive. The basis of life underground varies between magical and chemical synthesis.

Fauna & Flora

Plants are non-existent, except as imports in the surface arcologies. Fungi exist and can grow to enormous sizes.

Natural Resources

The caverns are full of numerous gemstones, many of them unique to the world and magical in nature. Most people avoid living nearby active volcanic regions, so not all gems are equally easily reached.   The stone common to the settled areas is strong, able to withstand enormous compressive force, and is therefore popular as a base for large buildings.

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