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Sacred Imperial Blades

I have examined one of these sacred blades, and at first glance, they seem completely normal. Nothing about them stands out as intensely magical or particularly otherworldly. At best, they look like master crafted swords of interesting designs. Then I saw it wielded in defence of my village and it struck all doubt from my mind. One man stood against many and that one man was like the fist of the gods, striking down with power no mortal should wield. If you tell me these swords are of divine make then, after that display, I would believe it wholeheartedly.
- Sebec Thrar, Master Blacksmith in Telens Ford
  We know the special swords wielded by the Order of the Imperial Knights by the name of the Sacred Imperial Blades. Their history is somewhat confusing. The Emperor claims that they were a gift to him at the start of his rule, but there are stories and legends concerning these magical weapons dating back further than that. What we do know is that they are exceptionally powerful and sometimes verge on having a consciousness of their own.  


  The story told by the Dragon Emperor of the Atralum Empire is that on the day of his coronation, a light appeared in the sky and his mother, the goddess Caminus of Creation, sent down the light beam twenty eight magical swords. THe story goes that there was a booming female voice that rang out over the gathering telling that they were made by her in her forge to protect her only son, the ruler of the world by divine mandate.   The swords impacted the ground around the dais the Emperor to be was kneeling upon. Each blade different from the others.   Everyone who was alive during this event hundreds of years ago is now dead besides the Emperor and so we only have his word to take on the validity of the story.  


  Each sword is shaped differently. Each part completely unique to that blade. Some have basket hilts and guards, some simple crosspieces. A few have gems set into the pommels while others have intricate metal carvings instead. The one thing they all share is a straight double edged blade, around 95 cm long.   The blade’s edge never dulls and never requires sharpening.  


  Each sword has a slightly different set of powers. Each wielder has to practise with the blade to learn what their weapon can do. No one has revealed the exact way they learn these powers, how the blade reveals its potential to them.   The Imperial Knights are very guarded at revealing the extent of the weapons’ power.   We have observed one blade in combat to be able to cut lines of extreme heat into the air. Projecting fire at their enemies as they swung the sword.   Another sword has been seen creating large impacts of force when swung at enemies, blasting the earth back in large rings around the wielder.

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