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Oh to have gone my whole life without seeing the spires of Kebakaran.
Oh to have been able to live my life without seeing a member of that dread order.
Oh to have been born without magic.
Oh what sweetness that would have been.
-A verse from a popular folk song
On the coast of the Kebakaran peninsula are the towers that comprise the primary base of operations for the Pyronate Order. Known mainly as ‘The Towers at Kebakaran’ they don’t have a name of its own (at least not one known outside the order) but all know to what they refer. It is a place of extreme fear for anyone not of the order itself.    The whole Kebakaran peninsula is an area of frequent volcanic activity. Making it a very dangerous place to live, even if the land is quite fertile as a result.   Along the coast were a series of spires that were made of volcanic material from past eruptions. These were hollowed out by the Pyronate when they arrived and turned into places they could occupy. Giving their base a strange otherworldly appearance. The spires have since been magically fortified, and they have harnessed the pyroclastic flows that created the spires to heat and power their needs.

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