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The World of Magdalene's Scions

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Magdalene, wife of Jesus, brought her two children, Sarah and Gebuya, to the shores of Gaul. There, along with her siblings, Bethany and Lazarus, she began to preach the Gospels in her own words - and to heal the sick and wounded with her touch.   More than a thousand years later, France stands independent from the rest of Europe. Refusing to acknowledge the Pope in Rome, France has their own pontiffs - six of them, one of each of the gods in their pantheon: Jesus, Magdalene, Sarah, Gebuya, Jehova, and Sophia. Acolytes and priests of the gods learn to channel their divine power, granting them mystical powers to heal the sick, to detect falsehoods, to bless the faithful, to banish demons, or one of many other tasks given to those who serve the gods.   However, France is not the only place where magic flourishes. English sorcerers in possession of the Key of Solomon summon forth demons from the depths of hell, using them as infantry and shock-troops. Egyptian mystics call on both the ancient gods of Egypt and powerful mathematical formula able to alter the elements around them. And, even in Naples, where witchcraft is forbidden and punishable by burning at the stake, alchemists and worshipers of the old gods still ply their trade in secret.   And yet, even for all these differences, some things remain the same. When England used it's demon hoards to invade France, a peasant girl named Jehanne rose up to face them.

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