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Welcome to Crownwood

"I think I've made a huge mistake wandering into Crownwood. I mean, I don't think I'm in immediate danger but I should probably leave as soon as possible. It's a good thing there just happened to be a research party going into this monochromatic, thorny, bastard forest with me, I wouldn't have come here if they didn't let me follow them. This is a good learning opportunity, I admit but I lost my boot to a giant angry tree and I think I got licked by some unseen denizen of terror. These guys are really well prepared, we encountered a giant False Drake, rare to see animals here, and even then these guys didn't seem fazed. They just bagged it an tagged it.   But nothing, and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me from getting LICKED."


"This damn place is a deathtrap! WHY DOES ANYTHING LIVE HERE! It's just a monochromatic hellscape of evil trees! Evil things pretending to be trees! AND VERY EVIL THINGS THAT WANT TO LICK ME! WHY ARE THERE THINGS LICKING ME! Ugh, I need to write this down before anything else tries to taste me again.   Located a few kilometers away from Scalecrown, Crownwood is a large forest filled with black and white, thorny trees. Imagine if someone took a really gnarly tree one of those really violent "manga" comics from the Legend age and made it into a forest. That is this place. Just a vast dimension of violent looking, black and white, spike trees that leak neon green sap in it's wounds as far as the eye can see. WHICH IS LITERALLY JUST 15 FEET, THIS PLACE IS REALLY DENSE. And on top of that, some of the trees aren't even real trees. They're some sort of mimic creature that lashes out at any animals it can find.   Be very careful when you walk into Crownwood, this place is violent, evil and inhospitable. Don't even both-   AGH SOMETHING F@#)$ING LICKED ME AGAIN I'M GONNA BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!"

Fauna & Flora

Seeing as how Julias is now thoroughly disinterested in Crownwood, allow us to fill in on some details. Although Crownwood is dense, it doesn't harbor a lot of animals, or even plant variety. Most of the time, you'll see the Crown's Thorn tree. A tree with black patchy bark, white grain and thorny branches that harbor no leaves, giving the tree a rather cartoonish appearance. A strange feature for a tree, but then again the Sun is rarely seen in these areas, it's mostly overcast around here. Even stranger is the fact that the tree has glowing green sap that seeps out of its bark. Animals here are rare, but the most prominent ones seem to be ravens that feed on the sap and Lasher Mimics. Creatures that disguise themselves as Crown's Thorns to fool unsuspecting creatures into a whip filled death. They never plant themselves near the main road through Crownwood and they place themselves fat away from each-other but they are common enough to warrant a warning. If you see a tree slowly breathing, moving or with particularly long branches, stay away.

Natural Resources

There aren't many things you can gather from Crownwood, but painters like to collect the sap for its beautiful and vibrant green pigment, resembling radium green.
Alternative Name(s)
Birthplace of the Mad Moon

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