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The Vindicator World

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The Vindicator World serves as the setting of the Vindicator Universe. According to the old myths and legends, both from Human and Nonhuman cultures, the World was created in a span of 7 days by an all powerful being known by many as the Creator God, shaping the land, seas and sky and created all living things from plants to animals to sapient races, including the First Humans. It is unknown why the World was created, only that the Creator God did it and stated it was good. When the First Humans were created, they were given the responsibility as stewards of creation and all who dwell on it by the Creator God as they were specially made in His image. The World was peaceful as Humanity lead all the sapient races and took care of all the flora and fauna. Sadly this era of peace and unity was short-lived as the World was plunged into ruin, when the Fallen One came to the First Humans, whispering temptation and desire into their ears. Humanity eventually became consumed by pride, greed and a lust for power and began exploiting the very World they were assigned to take care of. Death entered the World and the creatures developed the need to survive and protect themselves, violently if necessary, from each other and the Humans. The Beta Races that once followed Humanity lost all trust on them as they themselves were exploited and used in the Human's selfish campaigns. Eventually, Humanity began turning on one another across the World and the Creator God knew that He had to cleanse the World of this evil and start it anew. After the Great Cleansing, The Creator God gave the surviving Humans and their descendants another chance, however they now have to face a new world where hardship and death are ever present, while at the same time each individual had to fight a battle between good and evil within themselves. The Sapient Races that once trusted Humanity, fled to the planet's deep caverns, forests and oceans, fading into myths and legends avoiding contact with Humans.The climate of the new world is also ever changing whether through natural causes or from Human influence, everywhere except the Hidden Continent of Arcadia where the climate is stable, the lands and surrounding seas rich in resources and has the strongest concentration of Mana, the fuel source for Magic, anywhere in the World. Throughout the ages, Humanity has spread across the World, building great and mighty civilizations, empires that rise and fall as time goes on. Nations have either allied or went to war with other nations for various reasons, whether justified or not. Humanity advanced in both science and technology, inventing new ways to better their lives, however they continue to neglect the very World they were entrusted to take care of and many still give in to temptation and fall into evil again.

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