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Zonakai (zon-nuh-ki)

Written by Shadow Vault

Basic Information


The Zonakai has the overall build of an alicorn. The tail is scaled with tail fins right behind the butt/legs, ridges on both sides, and fins at the end of the tail. The wings are crystals aligned in a diamond-like formation with all crystals being in a diamond shape. The wings are symmetrical. The leg are muscular. Ridges line the back of the legs. The Zonakai have claws that act as fingers, including one claw that acts as a thumb. The Zonakai also have a mane made out of crystals. These crystals are very loose and flowy but stick close to the body. Zonakai crystals are jet black at night but a deep violet in the light. They have an oval face with a diamond crystal embedded in their forehead. Zonakai have violet eyes in similar shape to those of cats. The Zonakai also have parts of them extending from the forehead that are roaded. The outer one is longer with the inner one being shorter. They are right next to each other with some space in between both sides. The Zonakai is covered in scales. The Zonakai is 6 feet tall and 10 feet in length.

Genetics and Reproduction

Before mating, the Zonaki have a mating ritual. They often before different tricks, dances, and funny things. The Zonakai mate for life, so this stage in life is very crucial as they are very empathetic creatures. When mating, Zonkai mate with the Zonakai they like the most, no matter the gender. It's not uncommon to see two female Zonakai mate and two male Zonakai mate. A Zonakai pregnacy lasts 6 months. When giving birth, Zonakai usually have between 1-4 offspring. Only the female Zonakai can get pregnant. Male and female Zonakai can impregnate a female Zonakai. Female Zonakai do have periods that last for about 5 days every two months with incrediably high bleeding. To deal with this, female Zonakai will go to certain ponds and caves. The females will sit there in various spots until the bleeding is done. The Zonakai may also reproduce more than once.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Zonakai grows very quickly. Within 6 months of being born, it's a full adult and will leave their parents. For the first two months, the Zonakai will eat and drink the mother's milk. After this, the Zonakai learn how to hunt and start to be more independant. BUy this point, they also learn how to fly. From there on, they learn their abilities and grow more independant until they leave their parents. The Zonakai also sheds it's scales every year to make way for new ones.

Ecology and Habitats

The Zonakai has a wide range of habits that it stays in. The Zonakai occupies mountains, plateaus, forests, caves, and grasslands. There has been one report of a Zonakai dive-bombing off the side of the Nevive Island. Zonakai are extremely good for the environment. They are able to eat poisonus animals in abundance along with poisonus plants, helping to balance out the extremely poisunus ecosystem.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Zonakai is an omnivore who eats only poisonus and otherwise harmful plants and animals. The Zonakai will eat animals up to half their size. The Zonakai also doesn't protect or store their food.

When hunting land animals, the Zonakai will blast animals with plasma to kill them then eat them. When eating flight animals, the Zonakai will dive-bomb and plasma blast the animal before consuption. With aquatic animals, the Zonakai with plasma blast then comsume them.

When consuming plants, the Zonakai will forage for what they consume.

Biological Cycle

With temperatures being in the 70s to 80s all year round, the Zonakai don't hibernate, along with any other habits associated with weather.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Zonakai are social ccreatures who interact with each other through dances, sounds, and expressions but sleep only with their mate and children. They don't have a hiearchy but they do shame some Zonakai for treating others bad.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Zonakai are used for their explosive crystals and their DNA is studied and used to make other creatures immune and able to consume poisonous things and be alright if they are attacked by a venomous creature.

Facial characteristics

Zonakai have very expressive faces. The let you know what they want by noises and facial expressions.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Zonakai are known to be found in more poisonus locations.

Average Intelligence

Zonakai are incredably intelligent and empathetic creatures.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Zonakai has exceptional hearing, sight, and smell. The Zonakai is nocturnal so it uses echolocation to find it's way around along with night vision that allows them to be able to see in grayscale. The Zonakai also has plasma shots. The Zonakai has pinpoint accuracy and is able to fire 13 shots in a row and different blast levels. Some blasts can kill and destroy battlements while others can knock creatures off their feet. Cyrstals that have fallen off a Zonakai mane act as bombs and when triggered, can cause an explosion. Zonakai are often known to dive-bomb when hunting, attacking, and teleporting. When teleporting, the Zonakai with dive-bomb and at the last second with shoot a blast that they dive then teleprt through. They can also cloak themselves in this dive-bomb and shoot techneque. Though we still don't know much about this aspect of the Zonakai.
Scientific Name
Ireves(Scaled flying creature)
Conservation Status
The species is critically endangered. After explorer and scientist Arimay Quinera discovered a female Zonakai, preservation efforts have been made to protect the species. Since then 72 Zonakai have been found and brought in for research and preservation. After the discovery of the male Zonakai, which came 3 months after the discovery of the female Zonakai, a sanctuary was built between demon and dragon land near the Red Mountains. The species is being closely monitored and the Zonakai in the sanctuary are encouraged to breed. Scientists think that the species population is so low because of the Great War and possibly previous wars. This species has been brought up in Dragemonian folklore several times as an abundant species.
Average Height
6 feet - 6 feet 2 inches
Average Weight
1300-1500 pounds
Average Length
10 feet
Average Physique
Zonakai have the physiqe of an alicorn and have a lot of powerful muscles.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Zonakai are jet black at night and a deep purple during the day and so are the crystals on their body.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

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