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The Vagrant Mystery Dungeons

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A world inhabited only by Pokémon, who have developed human-level intelligence. To this nature, their civilizations range from early modern cities to neolithic tribes to animalistic burrows, all coexisting at the same time, but with the unique and quirky habits that come with pokemon. However, they have also grown differentiating aspirations and philosophy, resulting in conflict, .   Not much is known past the five clumped together landmasses— the Water, Grass, Sand, Air, and Mist Continents— thanks to the Mystery Dungeons: distortions to space-time that are never the same twice. Some pokemon have whole careers in traversing them, and form guilds and societies, the politics of which could cause more danger than the dungeons themselves.   Recently, mystery dungeons are getting out of hand, spawning erratically and aggressively, threatening everything pokemon have tried to build. What isn't in immediate danger is attacked by shadowy conspirators trying to expand their influence.

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