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A being with the ability to create universes, planets, atmosphere, and all that is essential for life to grow. They are considered immensely powerful and seemingly having a never ending supply of life energy. They are beyond intelligent. Only one other species are stronger and wiser is a Maiden. They are hard to kill as they can reform themselves if at least one part of them is still present. One agreed way to kill them is to send there bodies to be ripped apart in a black hole or a super heated  and extremely powerful super nova.

Basic Information


Brain- Dense matter with almost limitless memory storage. Heart- Shaped much like a Core, it dose not beat but pulses sending their white blood threw the body. Skin- Made of vastly different material than human skin. It can withstand almost all temperatures. Blood- Blood is white with mixtures of Perafite, Corolite, and Emberite within the plasma. Bone- Weaved and sponged. Can withstand high force pressing down on it.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kings are born from a clash of Perafite, Corolite, and Emberite. They come into being and are not born form normal means. Though a king can have a child threw a mate, that will deem the child a king, or a hybrid king. Babies from kings gestate for about an earth year.

Growth Rate & Stages

Kings are fully grown threw the clash method, they do not age and stay immortal until they are killed in one of the two ways. Children of Kings grow up similarly to humans though once they hit the age of 25 there ageing halts. They stay in this peak performance for the rest of there life. Their minds are fully developed around 25.

Ecology and Habitats

Kings can live anywhere even in the harshness of space; though they prefer to make a home planet and live there.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Very in tune with their surrounding, they can sense a presence light years away.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name

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