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The Threads of Magic

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“Faerie is a perilous land, and in it are pitfalls for the unwary and dungeons for the overbold… The realm of fairy-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: shoreless seas and stars uncounted; beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever-present peril; both joy and sorrow as sharp as swords. In that realm a man may, perhaps, count himself fortunate to have wandered, but its very richness and strangeness tie the tongue of a traveler who would report them. And while he is there it is dangerous for him to ask too many questions, lest the gates should be shut and the keys be lost.” ― J R R Tolkien
  The Feywild is a place of extremes fueled by magic. It is a land of contradictions, bright and yet dark, beautiful yet deadly, and full of endless wonder. The laws of science, logic, and reason defer to the arts of magic, story, and rhyme. Ordinary animals and objects converse as eloquently as any worldly mortal. Enchanted forests wander across the landscape like herds of roving sheep. Glorious castles perch on mountain spires that touch the starry heavens, and a bold traveler can board a vessel to a fey palace on the moon. Fairies anoint the dewdrops on morning flowers, and in the evening, satyrs play their gentle pipes to lull the world to sleep.   Yet for all its dreamlike splendor, the plane can be as perilous as the Elemental Chaos with its random explosions of stone and fire, and as deadly as the life-sapping Shadowfell. Here wicked hags place everlasting curses on their enemies, change mortals into toads, and blacken the moon in their flight across the midnight sky. Capricious Fey play careless games with mortal lives, draw them into deals they’ll never be able to get out of - unless they forfeit their soul. Those who are drawn to this realm of enchantment and danger must take care, for wonders and horrors beyond imagining lie around every bend in the woodland road.   There are still traditions which keep the Feywild in check, since "rules" is not an appropriate name for these. The Fey cannot lie - and yet they are proficient in embellishing the truth, skirting around it, playing with words until you cannot tell the truth and the lies apart. There are two fey Courts - the Seelie and Unseelie courts, or the Summer and Winter courts, always dancing between the line of peace and war, balance and chaos. There are those who prefer neutrality, and the risks that come with it. There are those who live in the Feydark, a dark and even twistier place than the Feywild above. All are denizens of the Wilds, in as many shades of magical and strangeness interwoven as the lands around them - in constant change, shifting and cracking, and yet staying the same in this constant metamorphose.