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Armor Cows

Cows with carapaces

Written by JRTRPG

While people call them "Armor Cows", these creatures are actually mutated oxen.

Very prevalent across Pritvy, armor cows are easily domesticated. They are used to aid in farming, to haul carts for travelers, and their meat is widely used for sustenance. Armor cows can survive off almost any type of plant matter, even those with toxins that would kill most other creatures. This, combined with their innate strength and endurance, has resulted in them being very popular for long-haul travelers.

The heavy carapaces of armor cows are sometimes used to produce humanoid armor.

Some hunters have trained their armor cows to aid in hunting dangerous predatory creatures. Their heavy carapace protects an armor cow, and they are able to be very deadly with their horns.

Lately, raider gangs have begun attaching weapon installments onto armor cows. The Rockwort gang, for example, has a herd of 30 armor cows outfitted with additional armor plating and weapons; they menace across the plains running hit and run raids on a variety of settlements.

Basic Information


Armor cows are much like their ancestor oxen. However, armor cows are covered with segments of extremely dense carapace. Notably their backs, stomachs, necks, and tops of their heads. Armor cows have sets of horns used for self defense. They are quadrupeds.

Genetics and Reproduction

The gestation period of an armor cow is around 280 days. Armor cow generally only have a single calf.

Growth Rate & Stages

Armor cows are born with soft carapaces. As they grow, the carapace remains soft and stretches to match the animal's new frame. Once fully grown, the carapace begins to harden.

Ecology and Habitats

Armor cows are resistant to many toxins that afflict other fauna. As long as they can graze, they can survive. Over the years, the armor cows have spread across the continent of their origination. Large herds can be found grazing on the lowlands from East to West, North to South.

Biological Cycle

Armor cows adapt to cold temperatures, growing thick shaggy coats on their unarmored parts.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Armor cows have the senses of traditional bovine.
Scientific Name
Carapaced Oxen

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