The Shattered Isles The dark industrial fantasy setting of Blades in the Dark

3rd of Suran, 847 IE

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The Shattered Isles are the broken remnants of the world following the cataclysm a thousand years ago. The cataclysm cracked the sun and cast the world into perpetual darkness. It also broke the Gates of Death, unleashing vengeful spirits and demons on the world. Humanity huddles in crowded cities protected by a combination of industrial marvels and fantastic magic like the lightning towers. Inside, the cities resemble the crowded industrial centers of the 1870's complete with rampant crime and corruption, as well as desperate living conditions. These cities are ruled over by an immortal emporer and the most wealthy of their residents. The lands between these cities are vast wastelands full of supernatural horrors, choking vapors, and desolation.


Lucky Duck goes to Sheldon (Jayme) for the highest average rolls at an average of 5.
Unlucky Goose goes to Beck (Julian) for the lowest average rolls at 3.6
Critical Player goes to Sheldon (Jayme) for the most crits at 1.
Team Player goes to Beck (Julian) for the most assists at 3.
Natural Leader goes to Candra (Keaton) for leading the most group actions at 2.
Try Hard goes to Beck (Julian) for the most attempted rolls at 10.
Going to Therapy goes to Thena (Abbi) for taking the most stress at 5.

Touchstones for Blades in the Dark

  • Six of Crows Trilogy (book)
  • Genteleman Bastards Series (book)
  • Blood and Bone (TV)
  • The Irregulars (TV)
  • Peaky Blinders (TV)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Movie)
  • Dishonored Series (Video Game)
  • Thief Series (Video Game)