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The Seven Realms of the Chakras

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There exists Seven different realms each tailored to the characteristics of the seven chakras. They are as follows: the Realm of Stillness (Root), the Realm of Polarity (Sacral), the Realm of Space (Solar Plexus), the Realm of Time (Heart), the Realm of Consciousness (Throat), the Realm of Evolution (Third Eye), and the Realm of Enlightenment (Crown). Each realm has both light and dark aspects, specified by its corresponding chakra. The beings in these realms must learn to evolve past the limits of their respective realities in order to ascend to higher dimensions. The lessons in these realms are tailored to the characteristics of its' corresponding chakra. The ultimate goal is to integrate these lessons into the Soul and evolve it beyond the Seven Realms, and become a Source itself.