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The Secret World of the Nephilim

This Day the Twenty-Seventh of February, in the Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-Nine

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Hidden among the human world is a secret, hidden one; filled with all manner of magical beasts and mystical beings. This world is known as the Ether. It is here where the ancient courts of the Fair Folk rule, where dragons soar among the clouds, lost souls wander listlessly, magic thrives, and every other 'mythical' being known to man resides.  It is also here in the Ether where Daemons are able to enter our world from hell. For milennia, Daemons came and went between hell and the realm of the living, freely wreaking havok and occasionally being mistaken for gods. Daemons and every other supernatural entity lived integrated among the humans; that is, until the seven Sons of Japheth came along. With the help of the Seven Archangels, the Veil was erected, dividing humanity and the supernatural.  Japheth was a Nephil, a child born of an Angel father and human mother. His children were born with Angelic abilities, and these abilities have been passed down each generation among the race known as the Nephilim. And it is Nephilim's sole duty to guard and protect humanity and the Veil from the forces of darkness and hell which seek to subjugate and terrorize God's Children.

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