The Second Inquisition

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Writers Team

Vampire society has evolved immensely since the rise of the first inquisition almost a millennium ago. The Catholic Church sought the destruction of the vampire world after their reign of terror went unchecked. The Vampire's unyielding thirst for blood sent the Church on a brutal slaughter of all Kine. The few survivors of this terrible war worked tirelessly to erase any existence of Vampires from history, leading to the creation of the Masquerade. A way to ensure the safety of all Kine from the mortal world, while also solidifying their rule in undeath.   The Masquerade kept the Vampires unholy existence in check for a time, but rules are created to be broken. This is especially true in a self serving society where only those who are willing to sacrifice everything can survive. With the constant struggle to live a free unlife and the rise in technology, it did not take long for the world's governments to uncover the society that had been hidden in the dark. Once seen as mad doomsayers, the world turns to The Sect of St. James to help eradicate the unveiled threat of all Kine once and for all. With the fall of many princes, either lost to the Beckoning or their own folly, many of their thrones lie empty. This has created an immense power struggle among the childe that where left behind, all naive to the workings of the underworld.   With the rise of of the Second Inquisition, threatening the unlife of every Cainte, you are thrown into the middle of a war centuries in the making. Will you do what it takes to survive? Will you lead to the destruction of the Second Inquisition and return the Vampire world to the Shadows? Or will you help bring the downfall of evil once and for all? Welcome to the World of Darkness Lick, can you survive the night?