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The Second Creation

The 1st of Dimmash, Dawn of the 627th Year

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From the very essence of life itself a universe inhabited by wondrous creatures emerges. The main stage is planet Tareolis, the home to the fractured island continent of Mas'Teiel, which encompasses most of sapient races that inhabit the planet.   While much of this new frontier is still in its infancy, technology has made large strides due to certain Humans who claim to be from transposed from world that had been destroyed, retaining their bodies and memories. Dubbed Lost Souls by most, they exist as anomalies spread amongst different times and places all over the planet searching for purpose, or a way out, in this foreign land.   Brought with this new universe is a powerful natural force, known as Som. Som is an essence that allows the channel of energy given off by the spirits of those who attune themselves to it, be it naturally or through rigorous training. It is used in conjunction with bastardized otherworldly technology and prowess to create a menagerie of inventions and ingenuity that rule the economy and culture of all the societies it comes into contact with.