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A Formal Declaration of War by the New Society Against the Congregation


To declare a state of war against the Congregation that governs the Salynas Archipelago.

Historical Details


In the past decade before the document was written, The New Society formed as a coalition of islands in the south part of the Outer Lands who had grown frustrated with the lack of effective governance over their territories by The Congregation. Their new king was declared as one Acher Frenn.
In the months leading up to this letter, a political dinner between representatives of the Congregation and of the New Society in order to discuss borders met on an island known as Jeti. During this dinner, an assassin named Hart Rixton almost succeeded in assassinating Lord Salazar of Yontara, which was a New Society island. Though Salazar survived the assassination attempt due to the efforts of a healer named Ophelia, tensions became stretched to a breaking point between the two factions.
When Rixton escaped several weeks later from the custody of Arbiter Kazilon, who had hosted the dinner, he made his way to Qina in order to attempt to kill Acher Frenn. He was unsuccessful, but Frenn suspected that Arbiter Kazilon had contracted Rixton, shattering any hope of peace. 
Meanwhile, the Second Circle island of Banoa was taken over by a pirate coalition called the Bloody Scourge. The occupation lasted for a little less than a week before being ended by an adventuring group called The Songbirds. This became news across the archipelago, and many began to feel that if the Congregation could not protect the home of its Grand Arbiter then what was it good for? Acher Frenn used this time of confusion to give his declaration of war.
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