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session 4: the great arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

after the reuniting of joe and Liam with the party the players travel for the day. fortunately, the party didn't run into any creatures and had a day without harm. however, in the night the party notices that the bone naga xaxat had passed through leaving its scratch marks upon the tree. in the morning the players pack up and ready for a days travel in the harsh jungle. all seems right but as the sun started to set the party was ambushed by two allosauruses. who attacked with ferocity. but the party was too much of a challenge to the allosaurus and in the last allosauruses chance of an attack, stick the triceratops charges in for the kill goring the beast to death and making the party victorious. but as the party looks around wesh-tek and the now escaped Ra'sala Snsi are found to have both of the tracks intercept each other meaning only one thing. wesh-tek is in trouble.

Rewards Granted

blood vile for joe, and a large dino claw for Aaron

Missions/Quests Completed

the party is 3 days from their destination of dengos shack

Character(s) interacted with

the players interacted with two maging allosaurus.

Created Content

wesh-tek is being held hostage by Ra'sala Snsi who wishes to make the party to give him his and their stuff so he can escape to his master


  • they are close to Xaxats temple and should encounter it in the next day of travel.
  • will went a different path to the players when searching for west-tek and Ra'sala Snsi. can have a better chance at ending the hostage situation.
  • Campaign
    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    03 Sep 2019
    Primary Location

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